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Invest In Yourself with the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway

Invest in yourself with the CMP – the MOC assessment option that meets ALL your education, licensure and certification requirements! With the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP), you can stay 100% certified by focusing on just 20% of the field each year. Over a span of 5 years, your entire knowledge base is refreshed, but you never feel like you have to learn everything at once. Delivered through ACC's SAPs, the CMP includes comprehensive educational material and annual updates published every February. Each CMP SAP includes text and presentations created by experts, plus hundreds of self-assessment questions and an abundance of CME/MOC credit! With the recent launch of two new MOC assessment options – the ACC/ABIM CMP and the ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) – you may be wondering which option is best for you.  View a chart comparing MOC assessment options here.