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KY Cardiology Represented at Big Sky ACC Conference

KY Cardiology Represented at Big Sky ACC Conference


My name is Gaurang N. Vaidya and I am a third year cardiology fellow at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. I recently had the opportunity to represent Kentucky at the prestigious Big Sky ACC conference in front of many dignitaries in Cardiology. In the conference I opened a topic discussion on 'The Failing RV: How to Think and How to Act'. The presentation was mentored by Dr. Yancy, who has been a past president of AHA and HFSA and currently the Chief of Cardiology at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago.

The conference started with a micro-teaching session where all the fellows were asked to present on non-medical topics. I presented on 'How to Make a Blogging Website' in reference to my website focused towards patient education, Both the presentations were received well. Everyone had great feedback and curiosity about our cardiology program in Louisville. I felt proud representing our hospital in front of all the celebrities in Cardiology!

The focus of the conference was towards fellow education and develop leadership and presentation skills. The conference was extremely helpful to advance my career goals and work on my public speaking skills. I wanted to thank all the members of KY-ACC for the opportunity to visit Big Sky for the ACC conference. It was a fantastic conference and helped me in more than one way.

In summary, it was a great experience and something which will have a significant impact on my career from here on forward. I cannot begin to thank the KY-ACC enough for my nomination.