JACC Leadership Page: Prior Authorization Reform for Better Patient Care

In a recent Leadership Page published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), Andrew P. Miller, MD, FACC, ACC Secretary and chair of the ACC Board of Governors, along with Robert Shor, MD, FACC, immediate past chair of the ACC’s Membership Committee, Thad Waites, MD, MACC, chair of the ACC’s Health Affairs Committee and B. Hadley Wilson, MD, FACC, chair of the ACC’s Membership Committee discuss the importance of reforming prior authorization in order to improve patient care. “For more than a decade, mandated, payer-directed prior authorization of diagnostic imaging and medications has been one of the biggest barriers to patient access,” they write. The ACC has been a leader in efforts to find a solution that balances the needs of all involved, such as the College’s first set of appropriate use criteria in 2005 and the launch of the Prior Authorization Reporting Tool (PARTool) in 2017. “Prior authorization reform is consistent with the mission and vision of the ACC and supports the “Quadruple Aim,” by removing barriers to care, promoting evidence-based best practices, and improving patient satisfaction, while enhancing care team engagement,” they conclude. “Together we can bring about change and ensure best care for patients, cost-efficient practice, as well as patient and provider satisfaction.” Read more.