Honorable Maestro Award

2016 Recipient David Moliterno, MD, FACC
The Honorable Maestro Award is the Kentucky Chapter - American College of Cardiology's highest honor. The award recognizes achievements in the field of cardiology and medicine, leadership in the regional and national cardiology community, charity work, mentorship as well as vigilant care of the sick. The recipient is recognized on-stage at the Annual Meeting. Additionally, one of the national talks the following year will be named in their honor.

Honorable Maestro Recipients

  • David Moliterno, MD, FACC - 2016
  • Patrick Withrow, MD, FACC - 2015
  • Laman Gray, MD, FACC - 2014
  • Jamie Jacobs, MD, FACC - 2013
  • Morris Weiss, MD, FACC - 2012
  • Jacqueline Noonan, MD, FACC - 2011